82CE-061L | Tilaustuote

Tilaa muistutus, kun tuotetta on taas saatavilla.

Hyväksyn sähköpostiosoitteeni tallentamisen ilmoituksen lähettämiseksi. Sähköpostiosoitteesi poistetaan tiedoistamme automaattisesti, kun ilmoitus on lähetetty tai viimeistään 3kk kuluttua.

Hose assemblies are easy with the Parkrimp System. When it comes to hose assemblies, no one puts it all together like Parker. With Parkrimp equipment, anyone can make factory-quality hose assemblies quickly, easily and cost effectively. Parkrimp machines are simple to operate and they're built to provide years of dependable service.

With the Karrykrimp modular crimper, the same unit now offers portability and bench mountability. The Karrykrimp crimper enables the customer to choose between the portability that Parker crimpers have always offered, and the new option to make these same crimpers bench mounted units.
The modular design gives users the flexibility of a portable crimper with the advantages of increased productivity when connected to the stationary power unit.

• Portable, compact and rugged design
• Numerous portable power unit options available
• Pivoting pusher design for easy die change out
• A single crimping unit can be either portable or bench mounted
• Faster cycle times on bench mounted units
• Increased height enables longer bent tube fittings to be crimped
• For use with Parker's 25, 26, 43, 81 and HY Series Parkrimp fittings

Parker's Parkrimp® System continues to lead the industry in ease of use, accuracy and effectiveness. The Parkrimp system is designed to crimp fittings to the proper diameter every time, meaning fluid power professionals will not waste valuable time dialing variable settings that can produce mis-crimps. Designed to produce accurate crimps from the first time it's used, Parkrimp system crimpers require no calibration and continuously produce proper crimps, time after time